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NanHui Rubber Co., Ltd.


NanHui Rubber Co., Ltd.  was established in 1975, specializing in the production of reclaimed rubber. With nearly 50 years of development and innovation, coupled with advanced production equipment and technology, we focus on R&D and production of a wide range of products, including butyl reclaimed rubber, eco-friendly tire reclaimed rubber, odorless tire reclaimed rubber, high-strength tire reclaimed rubber, light-colored reclaimed rubber, specialty reclaimed rubbers, colored reclaimed rubber, 8-100 mesh tire rubber powder, and EPDM reclaimed rubber. With an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of various reclaimed rubbers and rubber powders, our products are known for their comprehensive specifications, consistent quality, and reliable performance, making us a prime source of reclaimed rubber materials for tire and rubber product manufacturing.

History of Development
  • 1976
  • 1984
  • 1994
  • 1996
  • 2004
  • 2022
  • Create a rubber factory


  • Haimen County Baochang Middle School Rubber Factory Established


  • Nantong Huili Rubber Industry Corporation Established


  • Nantong Huili Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Established


  • Establishment of Sino foreign Joint Venture Nantong Huili Rubber Co., Ltd


  • Mizuda Group Wangneng Environment Nantong Huili Rubber Co., Ltd


  • Enterprise

    Since its founding in June 1993 as a small textile factory, Mizuda Group has constantly transformed, modernized and blazed new trails with a pioneering spirit. It has grown into a large private enterprise group with environmental protection & waste management as its backbone, and financial investment & health and leisure industry as its two wings. As of early 2021,the Group has 19 core first-tier subsidiaries (1 listed company), 258 second-tier subsidiaries, and 3 closely-affiliated investment-holding companies that have combined to form a network of corporate organizations. Among them, there are 8 National High-tech Enterprises, 1 National Technical Center, and 1 Provincial High-tech R&D Centers。

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    16 first-level subsidiaries
  • 284
    284 second-level subsidiaries
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    Top 500 Chinese private enterprises
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